As I mentioned earlier, I believe the Mary Tyler Moore Show to be, without a doubt, the best television show ever. Being the avid Mary fan that I am, and also possessing a strange habit of memorizing trivia and dialogue from my favorite shows, I once hosted a Mary e-mail trivia contest among a group of friends. It was a great deal of fun, but I was accused of making some of the questions a little too difficult. So if you are a Mary fan, scroll down and (after taking a look at my fabulous Mary Merit Badge and reading about my recent trip to Minneapolis) take a stab at the questions I came up with. They are separated by category and I think they're pretty easy. If you become completely baffled, click on "ANSWERS" at the end of the question list. And let me know how you did!


One of my most prized possessions: a limited edition Mary Merit Badge. Nick at Night offered it to viewers who got a passing grade on their Mary trivia test. Of course, their questions were so easy I answered them in 2 minutes flat and was thrilled when my badge eventually arrived in the mail. The complete text reads: "This certifies that you have passed Nick at Night's Mary Merit Badge Test. In recognition of your achievement, we are pleased to present your badge. Wear it with pride. And watch the Mary Tyler Moore Show on Nick at Night!"


1. What was Mary's street address?
2. What was Mary's hometown in Minnesota?
3. What was Mary's father's name and occupation?
4. Mary had two positions at WJM. What were they?
5. What type of car did Mary own?
6. In the opening credits, Mary tosses her hat in the air in front of a Minneapolis department store. What's the name of the store?
7. What was Mary's religion?
8. Name Mary's favorite artist.
9. When Mary was a child she dreamed of being something other than a news woman. What was that occupation?

1. In an early episode, Mary and Rhoda pretend to be recently divorced in order to join a club for divorcees so they can go on the group's inexpensive trip to Paris. What is the official name of the club?
2. Mary and Rhoda befriend a waiter at a Mexican restaurant who helps them plan a vacation in Mexico. What was his name?
3. In the episode where Mary and Rhoda get into a fight and don't speak for a while, Rhoda tells the guys in the newsroom an embarrassing secret about Mary which causes the fight. What was it?
4. Identify this quote: "We know one thing for sure. She didn't drown."
5. When it looked as though Rhoda was leaving Minneapolis to take a job at Bloomingdale's in New York (but eventually changed her mind), Mary arranged a surprise goodbye party. All the guests brought gifts and Rhoda opened them "just for fun." What did Mary give her?
6. When Rhoda temporarily moves in with Mary after a small fire damages her apartment, she calls Mary a sarcastic name that describes Mary's inclination to do dishes in the middle of the night. What was the name?

1. On what television channel would one find WJM?
2. Mary substitutes for Ted and interviews Eric Matthews, a vertically-challenged author, on a WJM current affairs news show. (She also ends up dating him). What was the name of this show that was produced by the WJM news team?
3. Mary was nominated for a Teddy Award (but did not win) for a documentary she did for WJM News. What was the name of the documentary? Bonus points for the name of the competitor's show that did win.
4. The WJM news team went on location to do a live show where, at the last minute, all the patrons got cold feet and refused to be seen on TV. To what kind of establishment did they go?
5. When Lou is out of the office for an operation, Mary fills in for him and has to edit Murray's copy. He uses a phrase which Mary shortens to "fire." What was the complete phrase?
6. What was the name of the WJM sportscaster that Mary had to fire?
7. At the request of the station manager, WJM News gives a mean, overly-negative critic a weekly spot on the news to air his opinions on various topics (he also ends up dating Mary). What was his full name?

1. Sue Ann's sister, a local newscaster at a Southern news station, comes to Minneapolis for a visit and drives Sue Ann insanely jealous with her Southern charm. What was her name?
2. At one point, the sister of Mary's old schoolmate shows up and lands a job on Sue Ann's show. Eventually she shows her true colors, a la Eve Harrington, and begins to steal the spotlight from Sue Ann. What was this girl's full name?
3. When Ted and Georgette decide to get married at Mary's apartment, Sue Ann shows up and begins ordering everyone to "get moving" and prepare for the wedding. She recites a variation of "something old, something new, something borrowed..." What was her risque quote?
4. When Murray quits the newsroom to become Sue Ann's executive producer, she immediately begins bossing him around and asks him to do humiliating tasks. After he has had enough of her abuse, Murray gets some sweet revenge. What does he do to Sue Ann?
5. When Sue Ann's show gets canceled, she is kept on by WJM, but given an array of embarrassing jobs until her contract runs out. One such job was the hostess of a children's TV puppet show. What was her character's name?
6. When Sue Ann was fooling around with Lars, Phyllis comes to her studio to confront Sue Ann. Phyllis angrily destroys one of Sue Ann's culinary creations during their heated conversation. What was it?
7. During the episode where Johnny Carson comes to Mary's apartment during a blackout, Sue Ann is accidentally stepped on by Mary while on the floor being intimate with another person at the party. Who was the other person?
8. Explain the situation in which Sue Ann offered the following quote: "It's like sitting in Fidel Castro's mouth."
9. In the episode where Mary has a dinner party for Congresswoman Geddes and the WJM gang, Sue Ann prepares a dinner of Veal Prince Orloff. She explains to Mary what happens to Veal Prince Orloff when left in an oven too long. What happens?

1. When Mary was sent to jail for not revealing her news source, she shared her cell with two "ladies of the evening." What were their names?
2. Mary was asked to explain the birds and the bees to someone. To whom was she to give her talk?
3. Phyllis had a gay brother! What was his name and what did he do for a living?
4. Mary once dated someone based solely on physical attraction. What was his first name and occupation?
5. On the episode where Sue Ann finally sleeps with Lou, she comes into the newsroom to return a piece of clothing to him from the night before (freshly laundered, of course). What was that item?

QUOTES (Who said it and what was the episode?)
1. "I can see the headline now: Requiem for a Peanut."
2. "I got a little sister, too. And mine's black!"
3. "It ended like all my dreams end. With Marlo Thomas and Winston Churchill applauding me."
4. "Do you see what that woman has driven me to? Baking a damn pie!"
5. "Imagine the exciting nights we'll spend together, having Smokey the Bear over for dinner."
6. "Good Ted, now maybe you can remember your phone number."
7. "I'm sorry I had to slap you so hard."
8. "I like to think that I'm a nice person. Very nice. Damn nice."




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